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HERMANN'S is the product innovation vehicle of German biscuit manufacturer Bahlsen. The daughter brand builds a collaborative ecosystem of new companies, entrepreneurs, chefs, scientists and developers - the people working on a future food system.

We build collaboration projects between traditional industry and new innovators, by seeking out practical, mutually beneficial points of cooperation between the two. Our business model is based on the belief that vast opportunities for a better, more future-oriented food system are overlooked, because the worlds of innovation and established industry operate separately, and are barely familiar with one another.

Our team is highly international and covers a range of backgrounds, from food and hospitality to marketing, events, communication, journalism, design and strategy.
For our Berlin Office Team we are looking for an experienced Strategist/Project Manager.



This is a dual role - because we are a small team, each position encompasses a range of responsibilities. You will be 50% strategist and 50% project manager.


  • Conceptualizing and implementing a knowledge and client management system for our innovator portfolio.
  • Management and execution of strategy projects with industry partners.
  • Research and analysis of existing and emerging markets, scouting for new technologies and companies.
  • Establishing structures and processes in a new organization that has improvised and experimented until now.
This position has significant potential for development and/or specialization as we set up a team. Right now, you are joining a team of journalists, designers, chefs and creatives, who are highly knowledgeable in the world of food innovation, but have no relationship to industry and economics. Through the content of your work, your role will be to understand the value of such a team, translate it into a business context, and make it useful to an industry clientele.

  • You ideally have approx. 4 years, or more, have then spent some time in traditional industry, have approx. 4 years, or more, of consulting experience, and are now looking to shift a job that is more entrepreneurial, in a more dynamic environment. You might at this moment be contemplating starting your own business.
  • You have extensive project management experience, can prioritize well, and thrive on juggling multiple work streams.
  • You are reliable: you can independently structure your work, and can be trusted to follow through on pending tasks without having to be reminded to do so.
  • You have international work experience, and through it have gained an international perspective on culture, economics, innovation.
  • You are well-traveled and well-read.
  • You have no trouble navigating uncertainty in a business context.
  • You have excellent command of both German and English.